MomFest reTREAT: POSTPONED at The Boutique Gladstone Hotel

COVID-19 Update

Updated March 25, 2020.

We hope that you are all taking care of yourselves and your loved ones during this uncertain time. Here at MomsTO, the last thing that we want to do is cancel an event that we know our community is looking forward to. But, the health and safety of our community need to be put first. In light of recent developments with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19),the decision was made today (not lightly) that the April 28th & 29th MomFest reTREAT will be POSTPONED, and not cancelled.

The event will now take place at a future date and will continue to be held at the boutique Gladstone Hotel. The date is TBD.   


Regarding your ticket to MomFest reTREAT; we’ve got your back. You can either keep your ticket for the future date event (TBD), put the ticket cost toward events over 2020 and 2021, or for those that require it, we are working with our vendors to get through our accounting so we can issue refunds, when required and in due process. 

September MomFest 

Luckily, our next exciting marquee event is planned for September 2020, and we will now be focusing all of our resources to make it the most kick-ass MomsTO to date. You can forward your ticket from MomFest reTREAT to this fall event. 

And in time, when the world heals (and it will!), we will be up and running once again. 

The launch of our highly sought after Mom Halo membership is planned for next month, and was meant to happen at the live MomFest reTREAT. More on this later, but you can join the waitlist now, and the membership will open online shortly, please stay locked to our newsletter for the exact date. You can apply your ticket fee toward the membership as well.  

We love all of you moms out there. 

We will get through this together. 

We are life makers. 

The game-changers. 

Society leaders. 

We are strong. 

We can do this. 

And we will be better people as a result. 

MomsTO is dedicated to bringing you the best in class experiences. Please look out for our newsletter and social outlets as we offer creative ways to feel connected, entertained and educated. 

Be sure to continue to wash your hands WELL, as if you just handled a diaper explosion! 

Thank you so much for your understanding during this uneasy time.


Alana- momsTO

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